Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hi and welcome back
I have been talking with a curator based out of Australia who has an online gallery  who is interested in my work  and are in the early stadges of having a promotional page and a solo show if everthing goes well.
wish me luck

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

My message

my message is centered upon my personal life experiences. I was born premature, at 1 pound 16 ounces with a brain hemorrhage. Later in my school years I was placed in learning disabilities resource rooms, and struggled with mental illness on a psychiatric ward. I received therapy that led to my attending the prestigious Emily Carr University of Art +Design. While I had, and have, struggles and challenges in my life I am also successful, my message is one of hope. Perceived disabilities do not mean you cannot be successful. My presentation will include images of my artwork to enhance the story and encourage hope

    Saturday, 5 October 2013

    Meeting Robert Bateman

    I met Robert Bateman at the superstore i showed him my portfolio he said that he  liked my work and best wishes.
    asid 2011
    asid 2012
    confrence newzealand
    2013 in common tv newsletter
    2010  Vancover general hospital
    school talks2012
    frank hurt
    la mathison
    johnston heights
    school talk
    all keynote speaker

    reginal staff meeting
    clbc council 2010
    clbc youth transition fair
    skype confrence new zealand 2010
    skype confrence new zealand 2012
    2013  incommon tv
    2007 the now paper article scary show  art show afriad to know me  artist interview
    2007  firehall center for the arts '' fringe'' solo exhibition
    2007infocus  magazine 
    2008 speaking of children
    2004-2008 Emily Carr university of Art and Desighn
    2009 2010 on the board of the Health and wellbeing confrence
    2010  art work shown  at the 2012 health and wellbeing confrence
    2011 shown spoke   at NewZealand Confrence
    2012  shown spoke at NewZealand confrence
    2012 Abilities expo 2012
    2013 in common tv

    art and speaking

    Art and speaking resume
    2003 maddfest  tswassen art center bc group show
    2003Delta  arts council  gallery  north  group show
    2004 ''Draw'' international  drawing exhibition
    Aberdeen Scotland exhibition  ''reading''
    2005Gallery Gachet  solo exhibition  '' Go Away''
    2005 the Province  ''art opening''
    2006 Artspacific  showed painting '' Green Dancer''
    2006 Canadian Red Cross  painting '' Hope and Cure''
     is being used  for educational purposes  at international
     aids confrence Toronto  Pearson collage and the earth world  urban festival
    2006 nine art pieces including cover  art  for the book Sucsess stories from the frontline
    2006 Global tv interview on the book Sucsess stories from the Frontline
    2007 Tswassen  art center  '' Afraid to know me  '' solo exhibition 
    2007 Delta opptomisit  '' scary show''  art show afraid to know me artist interview

    Monday, 29 April 2013

    Hi and Welcome back!\
    Donating to the Canadian Red Cross

    I donated a painting for auction to the Canadian Red Cross,
    they re jected it saying they loved it so much that they wanted
    to keep  it for themselves , and so the painting tours around
    about awarness for aids The title is called Hope and cure
    and it has two small children one high in a tree called cure
    and a girl at the bottom called hope she cant reach cure
    but one day she will

    sorry I have no photo right know I will look for one
    Riia \
    check out my new youtubes

    Thursday, 14 June 2012

    I want to help as many as I can will you help me?

    Hi and Welcome back!
    My goal is to inspire support and help as many people with mental health issues
    and learning disabilities , as someone with both of these I understand what is like.
    But having these does not mean that you cant be successful.
    I have been presenting my life story and how thru all of my challenges have
    become a successful artist and presenter.